End of Year function 2015
It has been a great year of success for CitySmart and we recently celebrated our achievements with Corporate Partners and supporters at our end of year function.

At the function our CEO, Neil, took the opportunity to reflect on CitySmart’s achievements over the last six years before announcing the next key phase for continued growth and development of sustainability in Brisbane and beyond.

“We will continue to deliver the $25 million in projects underway and pursue new opportunities which leverage CitySmart’s internal assets and capability base to develop a social enterprise,” he said.

“This new social enterprise will promote Brisbane as a leader in sustainability initiatives nationally, as the city shares its experience and capability collaboratively with industry and governments to make Australian cities more sustainable.”

Neil said CitySmart will continue to enhance its national reputation as a delivery vehicle for sustainability outcomes, working collaboratively with other cities and delivering greater economic, community and green outcomes across Australia.

“There is enough proven technology in the world to provide tremendous opportunities for sustainable economic development.”

“We look forward to working with our partners and continuing to play the role of creating collaborative partnerships to deliver innovative outcomes for Brisbane, Queensland and beyond.”

Thank you to all of our partners for their support in 2015 – we look forward to sharing new opportunities with you in the new year and beyond.

If you’d like to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact Troy McGrath.