This year’s challenges will focus on unlocking the value of waste, tackling social isolation and empowering local communities to create vibrant neighbourhoods.

What is it?

Brisbane Innovate is Brisbane City Council’s open innovation event, supported by CitySmart.

The event invites private industry, academics, local start-ups and people from the community to generate ideas to solve Brisbane’s citywide challenges.

This year there are three (3) challenges to which participants can respond, based around the topics of the waste economy, social isolation, and neighbourhoods.

There are two events – the warm-up event on 10 October and the main event on 7 November – and a deadline of 7 December to lodge proposals to Council.

How to contribute

How you contribute at Brisbane Innovate 2018 depends on what type of participant you choose to be: an active problem solver or a community participant.

CitySmart encourages you to register as an active problem solver where you will:

  • Attend the 10 October warm-up event at The Capital in the Brisbane CBD to be briefed on the challenges, and Brisbane Innovate process and connect with people who can further develop your solution
  • Attend the 7 November event to hear from inspirational speakers and further explore solutions to the challenges.
  • Lodge solution proposal to Council by 7 December
  • Pending outcome, enter into discussion with Council about channels to progress solution

Alternatively, you can register as a community participant who will:

  • Attend the 7 November main event at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and be inspired by keynote speech and panel discussion
  • Help shape the day’s proposed solutions by providing ideas and feedback, as well as suggestions for funding models, new networks and potential markets

The waste economy challenge

Of this year’s three challenges, the waste economy challenge has a particular focus on sustainability and ideas around the circular economy.

Council is supporting business to adopt production and distribution systems that minimise waste and build strong markets to re-purpose waste into usable products.

The opportunities are immense. What’s needed is significant coordination and collaboration within the supply chain – from product designers and manufacturers to waste management and recycling industries.

To this end, Council wants to hear from businesses, academia and peak bodies to understand their role in the supply chain and work together to unlock the value of waste.

Some interesting facts:

How to get involved

1. The three topics/challenge statements for Brisbane Innovate 2018 are now online. Read them here:

2. Decide whether you want to be an active problem solver or a community participant. For details and event registrations go to the Brisbane Innovate 2018 page.

3. Do it now! The warm-up event is on 10 October.