CitySmart is collaborating with AGL to deliver CitySmart’s Reduce Your Juice program to households who are experiencing hardship paying energy bills.

CitySmart’s award-winning Reduce Your Juice helps households achieve lasting behaviour change to reduce power bills. It’s an interactive education program for adults delivered on smartphones, tablets and social media. It’s success has come from its innovative approach to education: it makes learning fun and is delivered on devices that people already own and love to use.

The power of learning without trying

By playing games, performing energy-saving activities and getting involved in discussions with others, AGL customers will learn about using less electricity in an entertaining way to help them reduce their electricity bills. AGL’s deployment of Reduce Your Juice will further expand on its investment in bill reduction and energy savings initiatives for customers.

CitySmart’s research partner in the development of Reduce Your Juice was the Queensland University of Technology which used sophisticated research to underpin the program’s design. The program’s innovative approach could be described as ‘learning by stealth’ – education delivered as entertainment that embeds learning in a powerful new way.

CitySmart’s original six-week pilot, featuring 600 participants, achieved impressive results including:

  • a $58 average saving on quarterly electricity bill
  • a 23% improvement in household energy consumption on the previous year.

Lasting behaviour change

Reduce Your juice’s engaging method of learning is having positive savings impacts for households well beyond the short participation period.

Participant in the original Reduce Your Juice pilot Christine Da Costa says she is still benefiting from what she learned and is maintaining savings of around 40% on her electricity bills.


Mother of four, Christine Da Costa, was a participant in the original Reduce Your Juice pilot and says she is still benefiting from what she learned. Christine was recently interviewed by CitySmart and says she is still maintaining savings of around 40% on her electricity bills. Her children, for example, are turning off the lights and she’s also aware of the energy used by stand-by power.

More about Reduce Your Juice

For more about this digital behaviour change program contact CitySmart’s Troy McGrath, Business Development and Partnerships Manager on 05 3007 7004 or