Brisbane Marketing initiative Digital Brisbane has released its Digital Brisbane 2.0 strategy. We take a look at the benefits for both business and residents.

Where we’ve been

The first Digital Brisbane 1.0 strategy launched in 2013. That was only a few years ago, but it’s striking how different the digital world was then. It was before services like ride-sharing were commonplace, and when much social media was still free. Small business owners didn’t know much about how they were going to be affected by technology and disruption, and the Australian entrepreneurial push was in its infancy.

Over the following years, Digital Brisbane 1.0’s successes included:

  • Helping more than 1,200 small business owners use digital technologies in face-to face Power-Up Small Business workshops.
  • Teaching over 3,500 children to code through CoderDojo programs in Brisbane City Council libraries.
  • Providing grants to 75 early-stage entrepreneurs through the Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program
  • Establishing The Capital, the city’s $5 million start-up and innovation hub in the Queen Street Mall.

Where we are now

Digital technology now underpins almost every element of our lives.

Since 2013, digital adoption has increased, and the rate of technological evolution has increased even faster. So while many new business opportunities now exist, a significant digital divide still exists among businesses and residents and the strategy aims to address this.

Digital Brisbane 2.0 also recognises that digital technology needs to enable real outcomes, rather than being an end in itself where the dazzle of technology progresses no further than hype and buzzwords.

The benefits

The five pillars of the strategy are about making it easier to: work, grow, learn, contribute and live. Let’s take a look at what each of them means for business and residents.

1.  An easy city to work

The needs and goals of our workforce are now more diverse then ever – whether it’s traditional career progression, exposure to new industries or skills, balancing multiple jobs or running a small business or entrepreneur operation. Digital Brisbane 2.0 aims to help people better navigate the world of work through:

  • Provision of the Welcome to Digital business pack for anyone registering a new business name or domain name.
  • Friendly resource sharing among Brisbane businesses with the Collaborate Brisbane
  • Employment connections and opportunities through the Talented Brisbane initiative for the entrepreneurial, digital, knowledge and creative industries.

2.  An easy city to grow a business

Digital Brisbane 2.0 wants to build digital capability in the small business and entrepreneurial sectors. A vibrant and meaningful start-up ecosystem that generates jobs, exportable intellectual property, and interstate and international trade.

Growth initiatives include:

  • Grow with Digital business pack with valuable information for businesses in the growth phase of their business.
  • The Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneurs Program, a competitive grant program to help local entrepreneurs connect to international markets, customers and investors.

3.  An easy city for learning

As Brisbane’s focus on knowledge industries grows, people need easily accessible opportunities to learn.

Digital Brisbane 2.0’s learning initiatives include:

  • Increasing the reach of the successful Coder Dojo program, which has already encouraged over 3500 children to learn to code.
  • Increasing awareness and participation in Brisbane’s digital literacy programs to improve literacy of residents of all ages to enable them to participate in the digital economy.

4.  Encouraging business responses to city challenges

Local businesses, from start-ups to established corporate providers, often want to contribute responses to city challenges. Yet procurement processes are often an inhibitor to smaller and younger businesses, while also constraining even the most experienced of businesses through rigid tender processes.

Digital Brisbane 2.0 aims to ease the way with initiatives such as:

  • The Brisbane Innovate platform which includes events, forums and meetups that make it easier for residents, small businesses and entrepreneurs to contribute and collaborate with corporates, academia, NGOs and council. Unlike traditional procurement processes, it enables co-creation with an agile, fast-to-market approach.
  • The Team Brisbane digital platform which enables residents and community groups to easily define local problems, identify the resources, people and council input to resolve them, and then harness the efforts of those who wish to help.

5.  A city that welcomes and helps residents

This includes:

  • An online version of the well-established Brisbane Greeters program, helping residents discover their own city with the fresh eyes of a tourist and showing visitors all Brisbane has to offer from the convenience of their smart device.
  • An annual Brisbane Digital Festival to launch in 2018 which will claim our leadership in world-leading digital businesses and industries including games development, film and animation, industrial drone technology, geospatial tech, robotics (especially robotic sight) and enterprise software.
  • Developing an open-sourced community-driven Brisbane Accessibility App that helps those with physical or mental impediments locate the most accessible cinemas, shops and bus stops, and help those navigating the changing NDIS landscape get to required care-givers and appointments.

Learn more

You can read the complete Digital Brisbane 2.0 strategy at the Digital Brisbane website.