CitySmart’s Brisbane office recently participated in the State Government’s free CCIQ ecoBiz assessment program that helps Queensland businesses reduce energy use, water use and waste . Here’s how it works and how it can help your organisation.

CCIQ ecoBiz is a free program funded by the Queensland Government. It’s designed to help your business understand energy, water and waste costs and teach you to save money through sustainability initiatives.

Some stats from the ecoBiz website highlight the program’s successes to date:

  • Over 130 businesses have achieved ecoBiz Star Partnership, with recent Partners cutting their energy, water and waste bills by 17%, 14% and 9%1 and saving a total of $650,0002.
  • ecoBiz Star Partners to date have saved almost 8.6 million tonnes of CO₂e – equivalent to 1.8 million cars being taken off the road every year3.
  • Almost 1000 businesses4 have received personalised, one-on-one coaching sessions which provide tailored advice on how to reduce their energy, water and waste costs.

How it works

The program combines one-on-one coaching, site surveys and benchmarking support including expert bill and expenditure assessment.

How the process runs will vary depending on your particular organisation’s goals, and depending where in the journey a business is when it receives its first CCIQ ecoBiz visit.

CitySmart specifically wanted to assess its energy consumption. It had been benchmarking its electricity consumption since 2015. Since moving to a more efficient office in December 2016, which included the addition of LED sensor lighting and changes in staff user behaviour, the data shows CitySmart has reduced consumption by an average of 59%, delivering an average 38% energy bill saving compared to the previous office.

Here’s how the process worked in CitySmart’s particular case, starting in January 2018:

1. Visit from Sustainability Consultant

An ecoBiz consultant visited the office to conduct an interview and baseline audit for our energy, waste and water consumption.

We received a report with suggestions about inefficiencies and areas for improvement ranging from no cost, low cost and areas for investment. This report also confirmed that our office was functioning at a 6 star NABERS rating for energy efficiency (highest rating possible), and meant that we had achieved ecoBiz Star Partner (energy) status.

2. Implementing cost saving measures and eliminating inefficiencies

CitySmart was already implementing best practice in terms of energy, and also had strong office practices in place around water and waste. So the focus for cost savings and inefficiencies was on what additional actions CitySmart could take, for example when running external events.

3. Second visit from Sustainability Consultant

In our case, a second visit by our coach was not necessary, as we had already implemented energy efficiency changes. We received our ecoBiz Star Partner (energy) certificate in a ceremony on 15 March at the ecoBiz Sustainability Leaders Forum.

All of our energy, waste and water initiatives will be reassessed in 2019 with the aim of achieving ecoBiz Champion Star Partner status (i.e. energy, waste and water).

CitySmart’s Angela Heck receives the EcoBiz Star Partner certificate from QLD Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Leeanne Enoch.

How to participate

Visit the CCIQ ecoBiz website to join the program and get started. You can also contact the team directly on 1300 731 988 or


1 average marginal savings for ecoBiz Partners assessed since Sep 2017, as at March 2018

2 avoided costs on a business as usual scenario, based on aggregated marginal cost savings, since September 2017, as at March 2018

3 ecoBiz Star Partners active since March 2017 and reporting energy usage, as at March 2018

4 ecoBiz Coaching sessions delivered since July 2013.