We’re proud to introduce you to the following companies who’ve joined the CitySmart partner network. These forward-thinking organisations include Water3, Solar Bins Australia, the Carbon Reduction Institute, Evolution Marketing, Suez Environment, VAE Group and ESRI Australia.

Learn more about them below:


Water3 is a social enterprise founded by Damien Stone and Leicester Chatfield that produce a new type of water vending machine – one that doesn’t use plastic bottles. The company aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste that litters our beaches, waterways and rivers.




Solar Bins Australia aims to a leader in sustainable waste solutions for all Australians. Their products include solar-powered compaction systems, perfect for facilities management, Councils, local government and resources companies.




The Carbon Reduction Institute is committed to protecting our environment by encouraging businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. They are Australia’s premier provider of carbon neutral certifications for business.




Evolution Marketing is a specialist CRM and marketing automation business who have helped CitySmart with its digital platforms, including developing program interfaces and integrations.




Suez Environment is an industrial services and solutions company specialising in securing and recovering resources. The company provides its customers (local authorities, industries and consumers) with concrete solutions to address new resource management challenges.




VAE Group is a specialist mechanical contracting, BMS, engineering and HVAC service provider. Their core capability extends across the entire building and energy services market sector, with services to commercial buildings, educational institutions, local, state, federal government agencies as well as the mining, oil and gas industries.




Esri Australia is the nation’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist. For almost 40 years they’ve worked with thousands of clients, across a diverse range of sectors.



Partnering with CitySmart

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