CitySmart showcased its household electricity efficiency program with a fun and interactive live run at industry event Energy Networks 2018 in Sydney. 

What is Reduce Your Juice?

Reduce Your Juice (RYJ) was developed by CitySmart to help low-income households ease the impact of electricity costs by empowering them with ways to reduce their energy consumption.

It meets the needs of today’s digitally-connected consumer by taking a gamified approach, and by using the channels that people love to use: smartphones, email and social media. By creating a truly user-focused experience, RYJ is able to help people change energy use habits and save money on their power bills.

Going to ENA2018

CitySmart, in partnership with Energy Networks Australia, adapted RYJ to give Energy Networks 2018 conference attendees an opportunity to experience first-hand how this different, gamified approach to behaviour change can work amongst energy consumers.

Every effort was made to give program participants the chance to experience the fun, competitive spirit of RYJ. Some program aspects (timeline, communication touchpoints and messaging) were tailored to the audience and the conference environment, to ensure an overall positive and relevant user experience.


We saw strong engagement with RYJ at the two-day conference among this notably different audience of energy industry professionals, including good interactions on the Energy Networks 2018 Twitter stream.

The program was also an effective and unique way to reinforce the consistent theme of consumer engagement at Energy Networks 2018.

  • There were almost 100 sign-ups within the first few hours of the conference, following the announcement by ENA CEO Andrew Dillon on the morning of the first day
  • Participants spent on average 11 minutes in the smartphone gaming app or 5.5 minutes per day, which is nearly triple the daily average app engagement time during a typical six-week RYJ program
  • An average email open rate of 45% was achieved across the program, which is over double the industry average of 22% amongst education campaigns.
  • Finally, 83% of post-survey participants said they would recommend the Reduce Your Juice program to family, friends and colleagues

Want to know more?

Find out more about digital gamification and behavior change by calling Reid Ossington at CitySmart on 07 3007 7000 or visiting the Reduce Your Juice website.