Late bill payments, paper waste and customer inconvenience; three problems that CitySmart partner Sniip and Toowoomba Regional Council are solving in a single smartphone app.

Following an extensive trial, Toowoomba Regional Council has adopted a new direct-to-mobile billing function within the bill-paying app Sniip. Users opt-in to have Council and other utilities send bills sent straight to their phone, where the app manages the entire receiving and paying process including reminders. No paper bills, no emails, and bills paid with a simple confirmation by the user.

Adoption of Sniip’s m-billing initiative will reduce Council’s overheads and carbon footprint by helping them transition to paperless billing. It will also decrease the numbers of unpaid and overdue bills, and generally simplify bill payments for ratepayers.

“Toowoomba Regional Council is addressing the long-standing issue of late payments, which has been an ongoing and very expensive concern for billers across Australia,” said Damien Vasta, CEO of Sniip.

“The fact that there have been so many attempts to address Australia’s billing and payments problem is testament to how much of an issue it really is. Unfortunately, many of these attempts have been incomplete and can even compound the issue.

“The confusion for customers mistaking email bills for junk mail or spam has actually increased numbers of late payments, while payers typically still need to open a PDF, go to a different website to pay, and repeatedly input large amounts of information.

Sniip’s m-billing function eliminates all these issues. Push notifications are seen instantly and can be actioned in seconds. There’s no need to input further information after the app is set up, data is stored with bank grade security that can’t be hacked. All payment history is stored for future reference.

Another point of attraction for consumers is that Sniip provides an alternative to systems like BPAY.

The m-billing feature is the next major step in the evolution of Sniip’s smart payment technology. The app already has “scan to pay” functionality – where payers scan a QR code and pay via the app but continue to receive paper bills – which has been rolled out to customers of Brisbane City Council, Toowoomba Regional Council, Gympie Regional Council and Queensland Urban Utilities.

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