Reducing costs by powering a business with solar panels and smart batteries is now within reach for organisations large and small. CitySmart’s newest Partner, Planet Ark Power, is leading the charge.

While household solar has been around for decades, commercial solar in Australia has lagged far behind. That’s about to change, and well it should.

All that roof space and real estate, all that abundant sunlight. The opportunity has always been there, waiting on players with the expertise to make it work and the stamina to solve some of the technical and regulatory challenges involved.

Planet Ark Power is a renewable energy engineering company focused on providing cleaner energy at a lower cost. It’s an important new initiative of, encouraging a low carbon lifestyle by significantly growing commercial rooftop solar installations across Australia.

Runs on the board

At the time of writing, Planet Ark Power has already installed over 85 commercial energy systems around Australia, generating over 5 million kWh of electricity and achieving nearly 10,000 tonnes in CO2 abatement.

The company’s goal is simple: to reduce grid-supplied power costs and replace it with clean on-site solar power, battery storage and energy efficiency technologies.

In Queensland, some of its latest customers include:

  • Llewelyn Motors at Ipswich, a car dealership that installed 330kW solar PV and will install 96kWh in battery storage
  • Gold Coast Aquatic Centre (the pool used for Commonwealth Games) with 310kW solar installed
  • Queensland Health Linen Services, where 330kW of solar PV will be installed at each of their laundries at Prince Charles Hospital and Princess Alexandria Hospitals.

Serious expertise

The management, engineering and sales nouse behind Planet Ark Power is formidable.

Its executive management team – Dr Bevan Holcombe, Richard Romanowski, Jonathan Ruddick, Shaun Scallan, Martin Hoelscher and David Russell – combine extensive experience in energy company engineering, renewables investment and energy efficiency. The engineering team includes 25 qualified engineers from a range of backgrounds, while the sales team prides themselves on cutting through the jargon to help customers understand the best ways to save costs.

Exporting unused energy back to the grid from these commercial-scale installations is the next challenge to be solved, and Planet Ark Power’s team is already on the case. The company is trialing new technology that will regulate the voltage, allowing for stable power exports to the grid. The benefit will be two-fold: the grid receives power in a way that will help meet network needs, while the business increases its return on investment by selling unused power.

Get a no-obligation engineering report

Planet Ark Power will give your organisation a no obligation engineering report to show how solar can work as an investment for your business. The report will identify areas of savings such as incorrect tariffs, inefficient patterns of electricity usage, poor power quality and more.

Visit and complete the online form, or call them at 1300 323 221.