A unique transport expo in June 2018 to help Brisbane travel smarter


Why is CitySmart delivering Move for Less?

CitySmart has been delivering Brisbane’s largest sustainability event, the Green Heart Fair, for over 7 years.

Over 20,000 people will converge on the next Green Heart Fair, and the debut of Move for Less at the next fair in June 2018 aligns perfectly with this qualified audience.

Move for Less is about showing Brisbane how to get from A to B for less – whether car, public transport, scooters or other options.

Consumers are already receptive to electric, hybrid and other alternative transport options, but misunderstandings and misinformation can make it difficult to take that next step towards ownership.  People have questions – about cost to buy, cost to run, charging options, maintenance and so on. Consumers will value parties who can provide trusted answers.

At Move for Less consumers can experience the product up close with an opportunity for real-life education and product test drives/rides.

READ THE ARTICLE: First-hand experience is key to electric vehicle uptake, says EV consumer expert (March 2018)

Who should exhibit?

    • vehicle manufacturers and dealers
    • bicycle and skateboard manufacturers and retailers
    • rideshare and car-share companies
    • technology companies helping consumers travel smarter
    • government departments
    • active transport providers
    • transport industry
    • insurance companies
    • car financiers

Apply to be an exhibitor/sponsor