2018 Pest Fishing Competition

What is it?

The 2018 Pest Fishing Competition is a national event for residents, run by CitySmart on behalf of local Councils and their communities.

It will will be held over a competition window from 7th May to 30th June 2018, allowing individual participating Councils to select the most suitable day and time for their community.

Why participate?

For councils, this is an opportunity to educate communities and tackle the growing challenge of invasive fish species.

  • Raise community awareness by engaging local residents through a fun based activity catching pest fish
  • Increase publicity and promote current Council programs to participants
  • Physically reduce the pest fish population of our natural waterways
  • Friendly competition with other Councils – a leaderboard will run online and a National winning Council will be announced after all site totals are posted in July.

For residents, it’s a chance to go fishing and help clean up the area’s beautiful waterways – a free, fun day out with friends and family with prizes to be won.

Choosing a location

A Council simply identifies a safe venue (or two) with an identified pest fish problem. A pest fish for the purpose of the 2018 National Pest Fishing Competition is one that is listed on the respective websites of each of the State and Territory governments of Australia during the period of this competition.

Key dates

15th March: Entries open for Councils (to nominate a site)
9th April: Open online registration at CitySmart website for local residents to attend
12th May- 30th June: Competition Period (each Council selects a day to have local contest)
5th July: All site by site totals posted online
8th July: National Winning Council announced

More information

Contact Troy McGrath at CitySmart.
e. troy.mcgrath@citysmart.com.au
ph: 07 3007 7000

Read the terms and conditions.