Flood Resilient Homes Program

Helping Brisbane residents build flood resilience

The Flood Resilient Homes Program is an initiative of Brisbane City Council, delivered in partnership with its sustainability agency, CitySmart.

Flood resilience is the ability to prepare for, live through and then return to normal household routines following a flood with the least amount of disruption.

This program is designed to help Brisbane residents prepare for, live through and recover from overland flow flooding events.

Overland flow flooding

Overland flow is excess rainfall runoff from homes, driveways and other surfaces. Overland flow flooding is water that runs across the land after rain, either before it enters a creek or stream or after rising to the surface naturally from underground. Overland flow flooding tends to affect localised areas rather than the whole city at once.

The program pilot

The program is being piloted from June 2018 to June 2019 in selected locations across the city that have a history of frequent and severe overland flow flooding.

This pilot stage of the program is open to eligible properties by invitation only.

Pilot areas have been selected because they are regularly and severely impacted by overland flow flooding. These areas have a 50% chance of flooding from overland flow every year and are located across the Brisbane Local Government Area, in upper, middle and lower parts of catchments.

Flood-resilient design

Flood-resilient design prepares buildings to withstand and recover from overland flow flooding events, while supporting everyday liveability and quality of life. It considers the use of materials, construction methods and the style of home.

Flood-resilient design enables home owners to safely store belongings prior to a flood event, and easily clean, repair and quickly move back in after such an event with minimal long-term disruption.

By implementing flood-resilient design measures, home owners can actively mitigate or minimise the effects of flooding.

Flood-resilience strategies

If you have received your FloodWise Home Service Resident’s Report and are interested in increasing the flood resilience of your property, view our flood-resilience strategies here.

How the program works

Selected eligible properties will receive a letter from CitySmart inviting them to participate.

The program consists of three steps.

FloodWise Home Service – a free in-home assessment of you and your property’s flood resilience.

FloodWise Home Service Resident’s Report – a free, tailored property report providing flood-resilience information and recommendations for you and your property.

FloodWise Resilience Incentive Scheme – in eligible cases, providing financial assistance for property modifications.

For more about the program, read the Frequently Asked Questions and our Flyer (View the flyer in Vietnamese here).

Contact us

For more information about the Flood Resilient Homes Program please contact CitySmart on 07 3007 7013 or email floodwise@citysmart.com.au

If English is not your first language, please call 131 450 and we can organise an interpreter for you.

Flooding alerts and phone numbers

Life-threatening emergencies: 000
Brisbane City Council: 07 3403 8888
State Emergency Service (SES): 132 500
Energex (power lines): 13 19 62
Queensland Urban Utilities: 13 26 57 (13 23 64 for emergencies)
Community Recovery Hotline: 1800 173 349
Lifeline: 13 11 14

Sign up to Brisbane City Council’s Early Warning Alert Service to receive alerts for severe storms, flooding and other events.

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