Brisbane’s flagship residential energy saving program

CitySmart launched the flagship $20+ million EzyGreen program in mid-2010 and engaged over 61,000 greater Brisbane homes who signed up to the energy saving program. The program made it easier for residents throughout greater Brisbane to save money, save energy and be more sustainable at home, while providing significant new business opportunities for corporate partners involved in this project.

EzyGreen took a range of smart ideas for saving on energy use around the home and put them into one easy-to-use program. With just one click or phone call, households saved hundreds on their energy bills and reduced their environmental impact.

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Dollars saved per household


Reduction in emissions

Project Partners

Brisbane City Council provided base funding for EzyGreen. CitySmart then forged partnerships with business to leverage this funding and develop a commercially viable program with clear sustainable outcomes. The program is promoted as an initiative of Council in partnership with local corporates including most recent partners Energy Australia, CSR, Energy Assist, Goldcross Cycles, The Good Guys and the Queensland Reds.