Helping locals reduce their cost of living and environmental footprint

CitySmart’s Live for Less is a whole-of-community program answering both regional and local needs and involving communities, households and businesses. It is an ideal channel to promote initiatives and programs of aligned organisations such as Local and State Governments and community service groups.

Live for Less helps households learn and share better ways to live more sustainability, both financially and environmentally. It is designed to motivate households to take meaningful, measurable action to reduce their footprint and cost of living in a range of areas, whether it be feeding the family, reducing energy bills, creating less household waste or shopping more sustainably.

The program is anchored around a vibrant social media community, web portal and newsletter. Live for Less also bridges the online space and the real world – its ethos and brand can be easily integrated into various programs and community engagement activities including workshops, events, facilities, parks, waste collection, public transport, water programs and planning.

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