Delivering energy savings for small to medium businesses

Watt Savers is a program designed by CitySmart to empower businesses and community organisations to make informed decisions about energy efficiency. The program was developed in partnership with the Department of Industry and Science and our corporate partners.

Targeting small to medium enterprises in South-East Queensland, Watt Savers was designed to overcome the three greatest hurdles facing business owners – upfront costs, time and education.

Watt Savers demonstrated that, by engaging, educating and encouraging SMEs to better understand energy efficiency, owners can make informed decisions about their energy consumption and reduce their operating costs.

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Over 300 participants achieved an average energy cost saving of 4%.
Read the report (PDF, 2.1mb).

Case Study: Queensland Theatre Company

Following a Watt Savers Onsite Energy Review, QTC engaged Watt Savers program partner CSR Bradford.  CSR conducted a survey of QTC’s existing lighting infrastructure over the multiple floors of office space, uncovering lighting infrastructure that was well and truly out of date.  A decision was made to embark on an upgrade of one entire floor as part of the renovations. Detailed planning at the beginning of the project meant that time onsite was minimal, with no disruption to staff operations. Any downtime (where power had to be turned off) was undertaken outside of business hours.

The lighting upgrade saw over 260 outdated lights replaced with efficient, modern LED alternatives resulting in a 72% reduction in everyday energy usage.


Additionally, switch configurations were improved in order to allow large areas to be controlled by staff at convenient positions on the floor.  This simple, smart and more efficient zone lighting design is expected to reduce QTC’s energy consumption by over 34,000 kWh.

This investment on just one floor of office space saves QTC the equivalent of one month’s worth of energy costs each year with only a short three year investment pay-back period. For QTC and their audiences, this means that more funding can be targeted to delivering innovative and entertaining theatre experiences.


“With savings like this it is clear that energy efficiency just makes good business sense. Taking out those unnecessary operational expenses means that we can put some more funding towards other projects that benefit audiences locally and in regional Australia, and that really means a lot to us and the communities we touch.” – Julian Messer, Operations Manager

Watt’s Next?

Development of the next phase of Watt Savers is underway. If you are interested in sponsoring a program aimed at small to medium enterprises or would like your business to benefit from the Watt Savers program,  contact us for more information.

This activity received funding from the Department of Industry and Science as part of the Energy Efficiency Grants Program.

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