Reduce Your Juice

What is it?

The Reduce Your Juice program uses ‘gamification’ to drive behavioural change. Householders engage with energy reduction messaging via a smart-phone based energy-saving game, as well as social media and email platforms. Technical elements of the program were developed in partnership with Queensland University of Technology.

Reduce Your Juice uses a unique experiential ‘learning by doing’ behavioural approach to shape behaviour, making energy saving easy, rewarding and fun.  The goal is not just one-off bills savings but sustained behaviour change.

CitySmart has run Reduce Your Juice 7 times with thousands of Australian households. This includes a major engagement with the Queensland Government as part of its Energy Savvy Families program for regional Queensland.

CitySmart has currently partnered with AGL to deliver the Reduce Your Juice program to selected customers.

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Outcomes to date:

Households saved $52 on average on their quarterly electricity bills

Households reduced energy consumption by 12.3% within the first year

Over 82% said the program helped them monitor their energy usage on average

Over 90% on average liked the program and would recommend it to family and friends

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